Welcome to the Art & Law website of the law firm Bloom Law. Art and law are two areas that are closely linked in different ways. First, art law covers various aspects of art, such as copyright protection of artists’ works, protection of trademarks in the art world, enforcement of property rights and contractual agreements between artists, galleries and buyers.

In addition, the work of art also includes numerous rules relating to the tax and accounting obligations of the artist and of art galleries, with in particular the recently introduced money laundering reporting obligation for art galleries.

There are also art disputes, such as the authenticity of a work, the value of a work of art and a buyer. In these cases, art law can serve as a legal framework to resolve these disputes.

Moreover, law also plays an important role in regulating the art market and protecting cultural heritage. For example, legislation can determine what should be protected as cultural heritage how it should be preserved.

In short, art and law have a complex relationship where legislation can serve as a means of protecting creative works, and where legal frameworks can assist in finding a solution when conflicts arise.

The lawyers at Bloom Law have particular expertise in art law and can of course help you with all your legal questions and issues surrounding art.